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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 07:26

Wakkas Organics Restaurant Franchise

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Certified Organic Food Investment Opportunity

Wakkas Organics is the brainchild of organics entrepreneur Ben Debs - a contemporary fast casual restaurant franchise.

In recent decades, Australian’s have become more health conscious an aware of the consequences of poor diet. American fast food chains have become a familiar feature of modern life. With all of us experiencing increasing time pressures, they offer great advantages as a business model in terms of efficiency, affordabaility & convenience. Imagine a “fast casual” food chain that made it quick and convenient to enjoy fresh, nutritious organic food. Not fancy “fairy” food - real, satisfying contemporary international cuisine and even burgers, organic fries, salads and coffee.


visit http://wakkas.com.au for more information.


About Ben Debs

Ben Debs is an idealist. He believes that the food we eat should be great for your health like food is meant to be. No toxins. No GMOs. And food grown organically is the way forward for a sustainable agriculture and the survival of the planet!