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Australian Organic Network

Australian Organic Network is a wholesale supplier of certified Australian Grown and premium quality imported organic food, in bulk and packaged, with a company mission to excel with our reliability, and old fashioned service. We are an Australian owned company and only trade in certified organics. We have developed long term relationships with a network of Australian organic farmers and support a sustainable Australian
organic farming industry.

Australian Organic Network

Wakkas Organics

It makes great sense to combine the health benefits of organic food with the positive time (and money) saving advantages of contemporary "fast casual" restaurant model, which appeals widely... and especially when it is a family friendly restaurant chain, intended to be clearly positioned as a uniquely Australian business idea - thus the informal cheeky name, the Aussie green and gold corporate colours, and the Koala symbolism. The world wants a natural taste of pure Australian foods and all that is Australian. Australians on the other hand want to celebrate a culture of their own

Wakka Organics

Certified Organic Restaurant Franchise
International Organic Network

Our brand is about recognising the holistic unity of nations and we support the principles of Fair Trading. Each individual line of organic food has it’s own boutique theme for it’s nation of origin, and the obvious intent of our brand is an overall ‘feel good” image of love and harmony between nations - food is our common thread, fundamental to all human life and happiness.

International Organic Network

Finest Imported Certified Organic Foods
Certified Organic Solutions

We offer a unique consultancy and support service to help you negotiate the red-tape & planning involved in gaining “Certified Organic” status within the organic food industry.

Certified Organic Solutions

Consultants to the Organic Food Industry
Dried Fruits

All the tastiest nutricious lines



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International Organic Network



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About Ben Debs

Ben Debs is an idealist. He believes that the food we eat should be great for your health like food is meant to be. No toxins. No GMOs. And food grown organically is the way forward for a sustainable agriculture and the survival of the planet!