Introducing Benjamin Debs - "Mr. Organics" - Consultant to the Certified Organic Food Industry and Specialist Certified Organic Food Importer, Wholesaler and Supplier.

Ben Debs (Mr. Organics)
Mr. Organics

Certified Organic Food Consultant


my services

My Services

Organics Certification Consultant

Guiding you to certification.

my services

Wholesale Organics

The best foods at the best prices.


Organic Ingredients Specialist

We source difficult to find lines.


My Team

Ben Debs

Ben Debs

Andrew Gleeson

Andrew Gleeson

Sales Manager
Lucy Jenkinson

Lucy Jenkinson

Dr. Barry Ferrier

Dr. Barry Ferrier

Marketing Manager & Partner

30 Years Experience!

We can help you get through the red tape and become fully certified "organic" - whether you have a farm, a food manufacturing business or a retail shop.
We also are Australia's leading certified organic foods wholesaler.

Ben Debs Certified Organic Foods

Our Organic Brands

Australian Organic Network

Australian Organic Network is, as it’s name implies, the hub of a network of dynamic businesses focussed on serving the Australian certified organic food industry. With the strong relationships built over many years with organic farmers across Australia, Ben Deb's core company supplies a range of the best in bulk dried Australian certified organic food, nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits.

Australian Organic Network

Bulk Wholesale Certified Organic Foods
International Organic Network

International Organic Network branding is a world first, and shows the way forward for the future of product information and integrity, embracing global acceptance and togetherness in love and harmony. Our ION brand is about recognising the holistic unity of nations. We support the principles of Fair Trading. Each individual line of organic food has it’s own boutique theme celebrating it’s nation of origin, and the obvious intent of our brand is an overall ‘feel good” image of love and harmony between nations. Food is our common thread, fundamental to all human life and happiness.

International Organic Network

Imported Certified  Organics
Certified Organic Solutions

We offer a unique consultancy and support service to help you negotiate the red-tape & planning involved in gaining “Certified Organic” status within the organic food industry. If you are :
planning to start an organic farm, or
you’re a conventional farmer wishing to convert to organic farming status, and access the premium prices available to certified organic growers, or
you plan to produce “valued added” organic products or
you produce organic farm inputs such as green waste, mulches and biological fertilizers
- we can help you make the transition, understand the principles and negotiate the red tape and planning to achieve full organic certification.

Certified Organic Solutions

Consultants to the Certified Organic Food Industry
Wakkas Organics

I believe the world is ready for a healthy, certified organic restaurant franchise that combines the best in wholesome goodness and nutritional value, with contemporary ideas of convenience and economy...
And because eating “organic” supports a sustainable Australian farming industry.

Wakkas Organics

Certified Organic Restaurant Franchise

Pecan, Almond, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Pistachios, Pine Nuts


Acai, Maca Powder, Goji Berry, Raw Cacao, Chia, Flaxseed, Virgin Coconut Oil

Internationa Organic Network



Apple, Apricot, Mango, Banana, Pear,



Rice, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Corn (maize), Barley, Sorghum, Rye, and Millet.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding the organic food industry or supply of wholesale certified organic foods. I’ll try to respond to everything!
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About Ben Debs

Ben Debs is an idealist. He believes that the food we eat should be great for your health like food is meant to be. No toxins. No GMOs. And food grown organically is the way forward for a sustainable agriculture and the survival of the planet!