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Wakkas Organics Restaurant Franchise

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Certified Organic Food Investment Opportunity

Wakkas Organics is the brainchild of organics entrepreneur Ben Debs - a contemporary fast casual restaurant franchise.

In recent decades, Australian’s have become more health conscious an aware of the consequences of poor diet. American fast food chains have become a familiar feature of modern life. With all of us experiencing increasing time pressures, they offer great advantages as a business model in terms of efficiency, affordabaility & convenience. Imagine a “fast casual” food chain that made it quick and convenient to enjoy fresh, nutritious organic food. Not fancy “fairy” food - real, satisfying contemporary international cuisine and even burgers, organic fries, salads and coffee.


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Certified Organic Solutions

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If you have a conventional farm and would like to make the transition into the certified organic food industry, or you hope to manufacture an organic food product, or would like to bring green waste, organic fertilizers and mulches to the rapidly growing certified organic market, then talk to Ben and get some practical, experienced advice on how to make this dream a commercial reality..

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Our Organics Trading Partners

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In Ben Debs' near 20 year association with Australian organic food company Pureharvest he has developed a trading relationship based on a mutual goal of advancing the interest of the Organics Industry and to implement systems that work. Australian Organic Network has now entered into an arrangement with Pureharvest under which they will manage all AON packing and production, our logistical despatches and quality assurance programmes, guaranteeing an assurity of supply and quality between two of the best organised certified organic food companies in Australia.

Ben Debs is a founding partner of the Sydney based culinary ingredients company Earth Salt Life, specialising initially in the supply of the very highest quality bulk and packaged Himalayan Rock Salt and bath salts . Salt is an inorganic product, so this is the only business interest of "Mr. Organics" that was not strictly speaking “certified” organic”.

However, in line with his many innovations in the organics industry, Ben has recently secured supply of highest quality table salt from the internationally recognised Saxa company for which they have recently been able to gain “certified organic” status, based on the purity of their manufacturing process.

Australian Organic Network has developed a strong and successful relationship with FTA Solutions, a major supplier of ingredients to the Australian and New Zealand conventional food industries. AON and FTA have developed a valuable symbiotic relationship through the expertise in organics that AON brings to the partnership. FTA’s global reach and capacity of scale has allowed Australian Organic Network to expand their range of imported certified organic food products they can offer customers dramatically

Savy Organics is a family owned company with over 20 years experience importing and distributing quality Certified Organic products. Specialising in supplying bulk ingredients, Savy Organics import a premium range of organic retail brands from Europe, Canada new Zealand and around the world and distribute them throughout Australia. Ben's long term friendship and co-operative business relationship with principal Kenton Savage has been of great mutual value to both businessmen

Robinvale Wines are renowned for their certified organic and bio-dynamic wines. Their wines cater to health and environmentally conscious consumers, and are made from grapes that have been grown without chemicals or pesticides and contain very low levels of sulphur. Most of the wines are vegan/vegetarian suitable and they also produce preservative free wines. Mr. Organics believes this is a superior Australian product and he distributes their fine non-alcoholic beverages.

We also sell freshcertified organic ginger, turmeric and garlic from our farm operation at Byron Bay Organics

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I love My Work!

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The organic food industry is made up of idealistic and highly individualisti characters with a passion for health, a sustainable future and honest hard work. I love being a part of this ethical, idealistic industry in which people are ethical idealistic and committed.

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The Benefits of Organics

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Organics is healthy farming, for a healthy planet.
We support local farmers who operate under certified organic farming standards. This traditional, non-industrial farming approach underpins the wider organic philosophy of having minimal impact on the land, and produces wholesome, nutritious, toxin free food, using a farming sytem based on natural cycles and ‘tried and true’ traditional agricultural techniques like crop rotation, mulching and the use of organic fertilizers, with respect for bio-diversity, We put nutritional value and the consumer’s right to be eating food that is free of toxins first.

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Australia is part of the global community. All imported food must meet biosecurity requirements to be allowed into the country. Like food that is produced domestically, food that is imported into Australia must meet Australian food standards, but it is more challenging when dealing with organic food because the food may potentially face the threat of being compromised in it’s organic status, as quarantine officials have the power to fumigate food imports. All the food we source internationally is imported under strict ACO certified organic standards with AQIS supervision, guaranteeing organic integrity.

Our partners have decades of experience in sourcing, verifying and trading with high value international organic sources, and are throughly across the rigorous processes associated with Australian quarantine, and maintaining integrity in the food importation chain..

About Ben Debs

Ben Debs is an idealist. He believes that the food we eat should be great for your health like food is meant to be. No toxins. No GMOs. And food grown organically is the way forward for a sustainable agriculture and the survival of the planet!

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