Hot Composting

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Hot composting is the key to turning green waste into organic mulch .

A hot compost pile can reach temperatures of 49-77 degrees Celsius in just a few days, and if done correctly, compost can be produced from organic matter in around 4 weeks. The temperature of the pile must be monitored because remaining at a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius or higher for even just a few hours, will kill beneficial microorganisms that are an essential part of the composting process.

Typical green kerbside waste - fresh grass clippings and dried shredded leaves work great because they’re already in small pieces, and the grass clippings are full of moisture. Organic matter is shredded into fine pieces. Adding in previously produced compost or soil, which will be full of micro-organisms jumpstarts the process. As the pile is built, water is added to keep the organic matter moist.

Over the next month the daily temperature of the pile is monitored and recorded Between one and five days, the temperature should rise, between 49 and 77 degrees Celsius Once the temperature cools to below 43 degrees Celsius which is usually between 4 and 7 days, the organic matter is turned to introduce oxygen. This will then heat the pile back up. The heat kills all pathogens and breaks down chemicals.


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