Why Eat Organic?

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Our food is certified free of toxins & artifial additives
The farmers who grow our quality organic food are certified by accredited bodies, because they grow food free of artificial fertilizers or additives, harsh chemicals, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and other foreign substances that may otherwise have a negative impact on consumer’s health. They concentrate on improving the soil ecology and building up a layer of fertile, nutrient rich humus, full of healthy organic life, as nature intended. Food grown this way is safe, nutritious and wholesome. When you buy certified organic food, you know what you eat.

Organics is healthy farming, for a healthy planet.
We support local farmers who operate under certified organic farming standards. This traditional, non-industrial farming approach underpins the wider organic philosophy of having minimal impact on the land, and produces wholesome, nutritious, toxin free food, using a farming sytem based on natural cycles and ‘tried and true’ traditional agricultural techniques like crop rotation, mulching and the use of organic fertilizers, with respect for bio-diversity, We put nutritional value and the consumer’s right to be eating food that is free of toxins first.

Certification guarantees the food you eat is GMO free
Genetically modified organisms are a new phenomenon introduced by large multi-national agricultural interests, that cause many people concerns because of the lack of long term testing for possible unknown effects for consumers and the chain of life, and who know what other unknown health outcomes. The idea of artifically mixing genes from foreign sources brings an instinctive mistrust into the minds of consumers, who want to eat natural, wholesome food, without the complexities and meddling of gene technology. Certified organic food is guaranteed free of GMOs.

About Ben Debs

Ben Debs is an idealist. He believes that the food we eat should be great for your health like food is meant to be. No toxins. No GMOs. And food grown organically is the way forward for a sustainable agriculture and the survival of the planet!

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